Welcome to LifeStream Solutions at Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting LLC

LifeStream Solutions is a unique collection of counseling services expertly offered in ways that encourage the development of a collaborative partnership between clients and me, as well as others that my clients and I enlist to make the most of healing, developmental and growth processes. I work to help clients assume control of their lives; and so I serve as a guide who offers support, knowledge, insight, questions and the opportunity to explore ways of thinking, being and interacting that can lead to the discovery of personally authentic and satisfying solutions.

It is fairly common for people to become stuck in unproductive cycles of you guessed it thinking, being and interacting that can lead to a downward spiral in our personal and social lives. Try as we might, we just can’t seem get past that certain anger, that growing fear, that troubling thought, the memory of that experience, etc. If we knew what to do to get out of the rut, we would probably have done it long ago, right?

My role is to facilitate beneficial change using an appreciative person-centered way of relating that provides or reinforces the nurture, affirmation, safety and personal efficacy that people require in order to explore or re-explore their worlds. This sometimes involves encouraging or coordinating support from friends, family, social services or traditional and alternative healthcare professionals and collaborating with them to integrate the supplemental experiences or care necessary to achieve new and more useful ways of thinking, being or interacting.

I utilize a number of methods with LifeStream Solutions because simply because we are complex creations and a cookie-cutter approach just won’t do. Very often, people present issues and opportunities for addressing them that are different from the issues and opportunities other people present. These differences often mean that different approaches are required and so I have developed expertise in a variety of useful methods that people or all sorts individuals, couples, families, professionals and businesses and I can use as partners in solution-seeking to help them more effectively and efficiently implement their solutions.