Professional Services

Help struggling patients and their families overcome psychosocial hurdles to health and well-being. Traditional and alternative healthcare professionals often encounter individuals and families dealing with health issues impacted by cognitive, emotional and relational issues. Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting provides healthcare clinicians and allied professionals with immediate access to collaborative psychosocial assessment, expert consultation and efficient adjunct treatment to address emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational issues that often reduce compliance with healthcare advice and contribute to relapse and potential hospitalization.

Informed & Interdisciplinary

Stouffer’s LifeStream Solutions takes an informed interdisciplinary approach that bridges traditional differences in practice cultures which too often impede coordination and progress. LifeStream Solutions is a counseling practice solution that offers providers with concise feedback, strategies and recommendations designed to enhance the biopsychosocial wellbeing of patients and families alike, thereby contributing to a higher rate of positive and reliable outcomes. Stouffer employs a collaborative, interdisciplinary, solution-oriented approach to engagement and treatment that builds on the strengths of the individual, couple or family and seeks integration of healthcare, social services, and community resources, as indicated.

Practical & Solution-Oriented

Providers and the patients and families they refer, whether for consultation, assessment, counseling or therapy, will appreciate the practical solution-oriented approach apt to contribute to increased motivation, self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and satisfaction. And just as important, Stouffer’s branded LifeStream Solutions provides both you and your patient with a handy way of envisioning goals and outcomes addressed through  medically-oriented counseling and therapy that anticipates the characteristic etiology, course and impact of the involved health condition while simultaneously providing the awareness and means for facilitating participation in the often complex range of expert health services that individuals, couples and families often find daunting.

Whether you require case-specific consultation, a coordinated adjunct treatment with timely patient-approved 360-degree feedback, a tertiary treatment referral or information about local and regional referral resources, LifeStream Solutions at Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting has established protocols to help ensure that your requests are met promptly with valuable psychosocial resources – resources designed to enhance both your patient’s compliance with treatment regimens and quality of life while reducing relapse, premature withdrawal from treatment and otherwise help reduce preventable emergency visits or admissions.

Convenient to the Springfield Medical District

Stouffer’s offices are located within minutes of Springfield’s medical district, making brief coordinated and even impromptu in-clinic initial meetings between the healthcare professional, patients and the counselor a viable strategy to increase the likelihood of rapid patient/client engagement in counseling which, in turn, increases the likelihood of follow-through and improved commitment to clearly communicated treatment goals and effective change efforts.

LifeStream’s Support Team

Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting is more than the clinical expertise that LifeStream Solutions represents. Indeed, Stouffer has assembled a team of external IT, HIPAA, EHR and practice management professionals to create an accountable, high quality customer experience that is responsive, flexible and satisfying to patients and their families, as well as a professional, timely, and trustworthy resource for healthcare and allied providers.