What are your qualifications?

I work as a licensed clinical professional counselor trained in professional counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups and provide services for persons of most ages and phases of life. I hold a PhD in professional counseling and am an NBCC certified counselor, NBCC certified clinical mental health counselor, and an NCA certified family therapist. I have significant professional training working with specific populations and issues and am certified in a variety of treatment approaches.

Do you provide counseling via the internet or Skype?

Not at this time.

Will you make house calls or site visits?

Yes, sessions conducted at your home or other site, such as a place business, place of worship, or healthcare facility can be very helpful for clients and others. Off-site services are subject to a satisfactory review of the identified need, expected benefit, identified risks, ethical considerations, and mutual agreement to proceed. A surcharge is incurred for travel to and from the clinic to the off-site location.

How long does each session last?

That varies a bit depending on your needs, the counseling approach agreed upon and the stage of counseling. Initial sessions typically require 90 minutes to complete while routine visits are scheduled for 50 minutes. On occasion, brief 30 minute visits are appropriate. Sessions may run longer when clinically indicated and there is mutual agreement to do so.

What does counseling cost?

Counseling is very affordable.  LifeStream Solutions allows you to choose the time that best suits your schedule and budget.  Both off-peak scheduling and rates, as well as prime-time appointments and rates are offered throughout the week with appointments available as early as 7:00 a.m. to as late as 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Premium appointments and rates are available on a limited basis Saturdays and certain holidays.  So no matter what your budget or how busy your schedule is, LifeStream Solutions gives you affordable, convenient options.  Call LifeStream Solutions today at 217-679-3766 to learn more!

Do you take insurance?

Cash, check & credit card payments are expected at the time of service.

I want to budget my expenses, do you have programs to help me keep things manageable?

Absolutely! First, LifeStream Solutions offers a complementary 40 minute non-counseling session to review your needs and concerns, determine whether I can be of help and whether you feel I am the right person to help since we will be partnering to help you achieve your goals. Second, you have the freedom to choose appointments during either primetime or off-peak hours. Appointments scheduled between 7 am and 9 am, 11 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm Monday-Friday (except holidays) are considered primetime appointments and cost a bit more than off-peak appointments scheduled between 9 am-11 am and 1 pm-4 pm which are priced to allow you to budget a reduced rate.  Call 217-679-3766 to set a no-cost appointment to learn more.

Will you schedule appointments during holidays and weekends?

Yes. I understand that that is the only time some people can reliably participate in the counseling they need. Appointments may be scheduled between 8 am-12 pm on Saturdays and holidays. These are considered premium times and are priced accordingly.  Please call 217-679-3766 for a no-cost appointment to learn more.


Do you offer a discount?

Certainly. A 10 percent discount is offered for sessions paid in advance in blocks of 7 hours (i.e., seven 50-minute sessions). Unused sessions will be refunded less the 10 percent discount for hours already used. If a client participates in more than 14 50-minute sessions, future sessions will be discounted 10 percent as they are scheduled and completed.*
* Discounts may not be combined and certain restrictions apply to cancellations with less than 24 hours advanced notice. Discounts do not apply to services rendered other than counseling. This discount program is offered to allow customers to better manage their costs and it is not intended to encourage unwarranted use of services.

Where are you located?

LifeStream Solutions and Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting LLC maintain private offices at Springfield Capital Airport in an executive office facility separate from the from the airline terminal. The offices are located on the first floor and are ADA accessible.  Hours are by appointment Monday-Saturday.

How do I get there?

North/Northwest of Springfield

(Athens, Cantrall, Greenview, Mason City, Petersburg, Tallula) The offices are 15 minutes from Athens. Take Illinois Route 29 South toward Springfield. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance.

North/Northeast of Springfield

Andrew, Elkhart, Lincoln, Sherman, Williamsville

The offices are 11 minutes from I-55 Exit 105 (the Sherman exit). Proceed toward Sherman on Business 55 (Peoria Road/Sherman Blvd) to Sherman and turn right (west) on Andrew Road. Stay on Andrew Road (4 / miles) and turn left (south) on to Illinois Route 29 for 5.0 miles. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

Northeast of Springfield

Riverton, Spaulding

The offices are only 16 minutes from Riverton. Proceed northeast on IL Route 54 to Sangamon Avenue at I-55 to right (north) on 5th Street to (west) on Browning Rd to right (north) on Walnut/J. David Jones Parkway/IL Route 29. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

East/Northeast of Springfield

Buffalo, Dawson, Decatur, Harristown, Illiopolis, Mechanicsburg

The offices are 28 minutes from Illiopolis. Proceed west on I-72 to west on Clearlake to west on Jefferson. Turn right (north) on Walnut to ahead (north) on J. David Jones Parkway/IL Route 29. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

East of Springfield

Rochester, Edinburg, Taylorville

The offices are 20 minutes from Rochester. Proceed north/west on IL Route 29 to west on South Grand Avenue at 1-55 to Jefferson to Walnut/J. David Jones Parkway/IL Route 29. . Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

South of Springfield

Auburn, Chatham, Girard, Farmersville, Pawnee, Thayer, Virden

The offices are only 23 minutes from Chatham and just 15-20 minutes from any point along Wabash Avenue or Stevenson Drive in Springfield. There are multiple direct routes to LifeStream Solutions at Stouffer Clinical Counseling & Consulting LCC:

Chatham Road/Bruns Lane to Veterans Parkway to IL Route 29/J. David Jones Parkway. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

IL Route 4/Veterans Parkway to IL Route 29/J. David Jones Parkway. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

I-55 to 6th Street to west on either South Grand Avenue or North Grand Avenue to north on Walnut/J.David Jones Parkway/IL Route 29. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

West of Springfield

Alexander, Jacksonville, New Berlin

The offices are just 28 minutes from New Berlin. Take 1-72, IL Route 54 or Old US Route 36 east to Veterans Parkway (IL Route 4) and proceed north on Veterans Parkway to right (north) on Walnut/J. David Jones Parkway. Then from the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport entrance

From the Main Airport Entrance (IL Route 29/J. David Jones Parkway & Capital Airport Drive)

Follow Capital Airport Drive (the main airport entrance). Stay in the left lane and follow the signs for Horizon Aviation/General Aviation/ and Rental Car Return they all point toward to the Horizon Aviation executive facility. Park near the building (a two-story brick building) and enter at the front lobby nearest the fence separating cars from aircraft. Dr. Stouffer’s offices are located inside the Horizon Aviation executive terminal on the first floor. A Horizon receptionist will gladly direct you.