Counseling Services

Family Counselor Springfield ILFamily Counselor Springfield IL – Take control and recharge. LifeStream Solutions is a collection of uniquely assembled custom counseling services that employ an integrated collaborative client-centered, strength-based, solution-oriented approach to teaming up with individuals, couples and families to address the challenges confronting them, whether personally, at home with family, at school, during work or in the community. LifeStream represents multiple years of clinical experience with evidence-based practices that help to engage clients, inspire hope and motivate change. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it is a flexible approach that is customized to meet the unique interests, strengths and challenges of each LifeStream client.

LifeStream Solutions offers counseling and therapy for:

  • Anger Management (Adult)
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment Issues (Child & Adult)
  • Behavior Disorders (Child)
  • Caregiver Issues
  • Couples & Marriage Issues
  • Crisis Stabilization & Resolution
  • Depression
  • Family Issues / Family Counselor
  • Grief & Loss
  • Health Behaviors & Unresolved Responses to Health Conditions
  • Individual/Personal Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Parenting (Strategic & Therapeutic)
  • Phase of Life & Adjustment Issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Related Symptoms
  • Problems of Older Adulthood
  • Stress
  • Trauma (Complex & Developmental)

For additional Information, see the following descriptions:

Strategic Parenting

Children don’t come with parenting manuals and many parents find it challenging to know what to do and often find it equally challenging to consistently and effectively parent their children in ways they already know ought to result in well-behaved children well on their way to becoming resilient, respectful, responsible and resourceful. LifeStream Solutions offers parents and caregivers the insight and skill-building support that take the mystery out of effective parenting goals, strategies, and methods useful in guiding along healthful behavioral and developmental trajectories.

Therapeutic Parenting

Some children require the assistance of a consistent therapeutic parenting approach to healthfully modify significant cognitive-emotional and behavioral issues stemming from traumatic events, chronic lapses in caregiving, developmental disorders, and major health issues. LifeStream Solutions offers parents and caregivers a full array of intensive psychoeducation, therapeutic skill-building, and ongoing collaborative strength-based support and consultation tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and his or her parents or caregivers.

Caregiver Support

Research reveals that persons who serve as the sole caregiver for loved ones with chronic, debilitating, life shortening or life threatening health conditions experience a disproportionate incidence of isolation, depression, negative health outcomes and increased mortality. LifeStream offers the lone caregiver critical information, strategies, and confidential counseling to: expand their social support network; reduce the effects of stress; deal with conflicted thoughts and feelings, guilt and shame, or grief and loss; and enhance their own quality of life while serving as a crucial support to his or her loved one.

Medically-Oriented Counseling for Individuals & Families

LifeStream Solutions partners with traditional, alternative and allied health professionals to effectively integrate biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual care to achieve treatment goals, and implement effective strategies to optimize the quality of life.

Emotions can run the gamut and personal beliefs, family rituals or cultural traditions can conflict with the need to make lifestyle changes or participate in medical treatment. LifeStream Solutions examines the impact of the health issue, treatment, and lifestyle impact as well as the unique psychological, social and spiritual issues that individuals and those close to them must deal with.

LifeStream Solutions does not provide medical advice. Instead, LifeStream Solutions partners with traditional, alternative and allied health professionals and other community caregivers creates the space to more effectively integrate biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual care. LifeStream then provides essential counseling and therapeutic assistance to individuals, couples and families challenged by health issues and who need overcome the cognitive, emotional and relational challenges that often accompany chronic and serious acute health conditions in order to participate in medical or alternative healthcare more effectively.

Family & Relationally-Oriented Attachment Therapy for Children or Adults

Many children and adults carry the burden of unresolved attachment issues throughout their lives that manifest in troubled relationships, anxious avoidance, excessive dependence on others, indifference toward others, or preoccupation with intimacy, isolation, antisocial behavior and so forth. These dynamics often become more than problematic childhood behaviors as they become integrated into troubling personality traits that can be much more difficult for the individual to modify and others to cope with.

LifeStream Solutions employs a maturational/developmental model of strategic attachment behaviors that accounts for important relational dynamics between the individual, caregivers and important others such as family members, peers or coworkers and which informs specific strategies to develop more productive ways of thinking, feeling and being and thereby influence ongoing developmental trajectories in more healthful ways.

Individual, Couple & Family Counselor & Therapy

LifeStream Solutions offers individuals, couples and families counseling and therapy that readily integrates an awareness of our individual perceptions, motivations and sense of reality and the ways that we mutually perceive, influence one another to act, and co-define reality. This permits a more rapid and comprehensive assessment of important psychological and social factors influencing issues. This both/and view of the interplay of the individual and others fosters an appreciative, possibility laden manner of inquiry that privileges the individual and collective strengths, resources, and goals that we all bring to the change process as the individual, couple or family works toward solutions that are satisfying and beneficial.

Adult Anger Management*

The potential sources of unhelpful anger or troubling expressions of anger are many and may not be obvious. LifeStream Solutions offers individuals and couples useful ways of identifying and challenging the reasons behind problematic thoughts, feelings and behaviors, including triggers, automatic responses, mistaken beliefs and faulty anger-laden strategies used to achieve personal goals.

*This program is not intended for mandated domestic-violence counseling.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Related Symptoms*

Many people experience one or more traumatic events that result in persistent adverse psychological and/or physiological changes. Both the brain and the body may enter an altered state of fight, flight or freeze that are unhelpful in otherwise non-threatening situations. Sleep may become disrupted and anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, distorted perceptions, faulty judgement and problematic behaviors often manifest and compound as the person reacts ineffectively to the world as it likewise reacts to him or her.

LifeStream Solutions employs a holistic multi-method evidence-based stepped approach here in Springfield, IL, that helps the person and others identify and use important strengths helpful in self-regulating, achieving and maintaining a therapeutic sense of being grounded in the here and now, and negotiating the path toward personal resolution of the experience and its troubling fallout. While some of the treatment is one-on-one, LifeStream Solutions appreciates the benefit of educating affected family and intimate others and involving them in brief couple or family therapy to improve relational functioning and enhance these relationships as an ongoing supportive resource.*

*This approach is useful for children and military members and their families with modifications appropriate to the developmental age(s) of the trauma victim(s) and the traumatic experience(s) involved.